Vernell Ingle, Revisiting the Commission

Matt 28:19
  • God can give us whole neighborhoods, communities, cities
  • example: the work God's doing in Uganda
    • was one of the worst, most sinful
    • Results of expectancy and intercession (prayer and fasting)
  • If God is a great God, we can have great expectations
I Tim 4:16
  • Message should be the same as the life.
  • Give attention to, guard
    • yourself - conform to God
    • doctrine - the message
  • If you will guard your character, God will guard your reputation.
Matthew 28

"Go" is not a verb/command. In the Greek, it's a participle meaning "In Your going."
  • If we don't live the message out there, they won't want to hear it inside.
"Teach" is the command, but is a different word than the common Greek for "Teach." This Greek is "disciple."

Too often we think, "Get them to the altar."
  • But the altar doesn't have to be in the church
  • But the command isn't just save them and leave them
    • When they get saved, the process just begins.
Rev 3:20 - not the door of a sinner's heart, but the door of a church.
  • The church was doing fine regarding finances and programs, but Jesus wasn't involved.
  • We need to discover the joy of discovering who God has given us.
Two Kinds of Discipleship
  • Group
  • One-on-one
Evangelism doesn't end with conversion, but follows through with teaching and pouring your life into them.

A true disciple is one who absorbs the Christ life.

Eph 4:11-16
  • Not a one-man show, but a living organism
  • Work of the ministry is to turn converts into ministers
  • Program: The Navigators - a 7 yr program
v. 11 -- 4 Offices: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors-Teachers

Paul used the Greek for Pastor only once, but the word for teacher was used twice as much as "pastor", "preacher", and "preaching".

Teachers: The more you get to know the students, the more receptive they'll be

Pastors: Disciple your staff and leaders

Phil 2:5 - Let this mind be in you
  • Christ washing feet
    • Servanthood is our goal

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