BehindTheLeaf - Church Planter Leadership Style

Michael at BehindTheLeaf lists three leadership styles of church planters:
  • The Pastor-Shepherd
    This is the kind of guy that knows names, really cares for people, and is a pastor in the traditional sense of the word.

  • The Entrepreneur
    This is the get-it-done, driven, almost business like leader. He probably understands marketing and leadership well. He's got a big vision, and often has the plan to make it happen.

  • The Teacher
    This is the guy that just loves to teach. Maybe he was a youth pastor. But this person has stage presence and the ability to teach the Bible with creativity, passion, and relevance.
Michael goes on to describe the weaknesses of each type. He also states that it's possible for people to be a blend of two different leadership types, but he's never seen anyone who was a blend of all three.

Michael says that a senior pastor of one leadership type should look for a different leadership type in staff appointments.

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