Cool Letters: First-Time Giver

[I love this letter that Oak Leaf Church sends first-time givers. This should be fairly easy to do -- Any first-time givers would be quickly detected because they would not have any record in whatever program or process the church uses to issue giving receipts.]

September 5, 2007

Dear Neil,

On behalf of the staff at Oak Leaf church, I wanted to thank you for your recent financial contribution. As far as we can tell, this may have been the very first time that you gave to Oak Leaf.

We started this church one year ago to reach out to the thousands of people in and around Cartersville who do not go to church anywhere. We are seeing lives changed, marriages strengthened, and children learn to love Jesus.

We work very hard to make sure the money is handled with integrity. We have a finance team who helps prepare an annual budget and make sure everything is spent appropriately. We conduct an annual audit becasue we want to be above reproach.

Thank you for supporting the mission and vision of this church. Because of your generosity, we will be able to reach out to people far from God and lead them to Jesus. You play a huge part in that process.

If you have any questions about the church in general, or the finances in particular, you can always call our office at NNN-NNN-NNNN. You can also e-mail person@domain. Thank you for your generous contribution.


Michael Lukaszewski
Lead Pastor

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