Russell Hylton - 10 Commandments of the Ideal Leadership Team

1. Have a cheerful heart or attitude.
- shift mentally when transitioning from work (church) to home
- pastors meet and greet after church, not before

2. Practice ___[?].
- God
- Leader
- One Another
--- No gossip
--- We will not talk about someone else out of their presence untiless we are bragging on them
--- James 3:16 - "For where envying and stife is, there is confusion and every evil work."

3. Be responsible.
- if you're on time, you're late.
- if you're early, you're on time.
- be mindful of other ministries
--- if you need a stapler, don't take one from another ministry
----- requisition one
----- better yet, buy yourself one and save the church money
- clean up

4. Encourage loyalty to one another - look out for others.
- lead/show, don't tell/direct
- introduce yourself to others
- use names in conversation

5. Be a diligent worker.
- attend conferences
- show up

6. Build each other up.
- speak like we want others to speak to us
- don't enable bad traits - encourage good ones

7. Support your leader.
- realize we don't know the whole picture

8. Present a professional appearance.

9. Protect privileged information.

10. Keep actions and behavior above reproach at all times.

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