Wayman Ming - God's Plans for Us

Indiana District Convention - Thursday Morning, Nov 5, 2009

Jeremiah 29:11
NKJ lists future first, then hope
- our future gives us hope

God's plans include:
- what God wants me to be - devotion
- what God wants me to do - purpose
- where God wants me to go - destiny
- what God wants me to leave - legacy

- making God #1
- hearing God's voice every day
- obeying God's voice every day
[we need to check God's book before facebook]
- every one of us wages war with disobedience continually
- must overcome:
  . preoccupation
  . procrastination
    · "delayed obedience", which equals disobedience
    · delayed obedience = disobedience
  . passivity
    · waiting until tomorrow will steal your today
    · waiting will steal your right now

- same for all of us
- we confuse destiny and purpose
- purpose includes knowing God and making Him known

- God's unique destination for my life
- Destiny can begin in a moment
  . "Noah, build an ark"
  . "Moses, go down to Egypt"
  . "Samuel, fill thy horn with oil and go"
- Destiny can be defined in a moment
  . Rahab hanging a scarlet thread in her window
  . Three Hebrew children refusing to bow
  . Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses on the door
  . or....
  . Cain killing Abel
  . Judas kissing Christ
- Destiny will be judged over a lifetime
  . David vs Goliath
  . David dodging spears
  . David with Bathsheba

- leaving something for the next generation
- every deed leaves a seed
- every choice affects your voice
- Elijah's choice affected Elisha's voice.

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