Wayman Ming - Is There Not a Cause?

From District Convention, Thursday Evening, Nov 5, 2009
Video: here

1 Sam 17:21-29

covenant: permanent arrangement

How is covenant birthed?
Out of a cause
1 Sam 17:57 - 18:1
- it only took one conversation
- Jon's soul was knit to David's
- Jon loved David as much as he loved himself
Note: Covenant relationship can be birthed in one conversation.

17:28 - Why are there so many Eliabs in the church?
- Think they know other's thoughts and intentions

Is there not a cause?

Many today believe there is a god, or some supernatural/spiritual force, but they don't think God cares about them.
Need to read Psalm 139
- v1 - God has searched us and knows us
- v2 - God knows every time we sit down and stand up, plus our thoughts afar off
- v3 - God knows every word on our tongue -- both the word and the motivation behind it
Pentecost: God not only knows and cares, but He indwells.

Acts 2:2
- many sounds today, but we need a sound from heaven
- a sound like a mighty, rushing wind (violent wind)
2:3 - tongues like fire (greek: lightning)

Cane Ridge, KY, in 1801
- Lexington, in 1801, was the largest city on the frontier with a population of 1800
- also a rough, sin-filled town
- outside town, a preacher started a meeting
- within a few days, 25000 to 30000 people showed up

When know what Pentecost is
We know what accompanies it
But what is the evidence of it?

Mark 16: "these signs shall follow them that believe"

If anything, your church should be known as a place where people can come and be saved, healed, and delivered.

Acts 1:8 - "and ye shall be witnesses"

Pentecost, in OT, was called the "Feast of weeks"
- a celebration of the first fruits of the harvest
- seems fitting a harvest should be evidence of Pentecost

- a reversal of Babel
Babel: tongues used to separate the world
Pentecost: tongues used to reach the world

We have done a disservice to Pentecost when we think it's all about having a good time at church.

No! Pentecost is what you do after the service.
The Holy Ghost should make you hit the streets.
- if it doesn't, it wasn't really Pentecost, because Pentecost is the celebration of the harvest

In PCG last year, 21% of churches reported zero conversions.
54% (612 churches) reported zero water baptisms.
49% reported zero Holy Ghost baptisms.

Are we really PCG?  without Pentecost?

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