Thom S. Rainer - Simple Church

To have a simple church, you must have a simple discipleship process. This process must be clear. It must move people toward maturity. It must be integrated fully into your church, and you must get rid of the clutter around it.

People have come to know Christ, and they have stayed at the church. They have gotten plugged into ministry and are contributing to the body of Christ.

[Re: Mk 2:27] Programs are made for man, not man for programs. If the goal is to keep certain things going, the church is in trouble. The end result must always be about people. Programs should only be tools.

Divine Providence, by Mrs. M.A.W. Cook

In some way or other
The Lord will provide;
It may not be my way,
It may not be thy way,
And yet in His own way,
The Lord will provide.

At some time or other
The Lord will provide,
It may not be my time.
It may not be thy time.
And yet in His own time,
The Lord will provide.

Despond then no longer,
The Lord will provide;
And this be the token—
No word He hath spoken
Was ever yet broken.
The Lord will provide.

March on, then, right boldly
The sea shall divide;
The pathway made glorious
With shoutings victorious,
We'll join in the chorus
The Lord will provide.