Questions to Ask about Your Lesson

These questions are from Teach Like a Pirate by David Burgess.

Is there something we can write on the board or shine on our screens that will spark a conversation or create a buzz?

Is there some way we can get our class outside of this lesson?

Where would be the perfect place on campus to deliver this lesson?

Can I inject an activity that will get every student out of there seat at some point in this lesson?

Can I offer some sort of artistic opportunity — a chance for students to express their own art voice?

Can I offer an activity where they challenge each other?

Can I make it like National Treasure where they solve clues and they come to me for the next clue?

Can I use the amazing power of silence? Pictionary? Charades? Little placards that I turn over like in those videos that are strangely engaging?

Is there some way that I can turn this into a contest?

Is there something I can do to myself to immediately spark curiosity as they enter the room?

Is there something I can do to transform my space — can I change my room some way to deliver this lesson?

Can I use the people of my class as props (e.g. make a graph out of people) in order to demonstrate a point?