Mark Buchanan - Your Church is Too Safe

Comments on John 1:14 (,,,full of grace and truth)

Good news is always show-and-tell.

God pulled out all the stops to create creation. How much more to create new creations?  To accomplish the first, God spake. To accomplish the second, God came.

"Full" - not one more drop of truth or grace could fit in Him.

He bursts at the seams with both.  Everything He is, everything He does, drops truth, exudes grace. There's never a moment when Jesus runs short on either. If Jesus were facing an enemy, or dealing with disappointment, or saw a beautiful woman, or was betrayed by a friend, or met a gay man, or was given a million dollars, or whatever, what He would say and what He would do would be the perfection of grace and truth.

When we speak truth, it should be so grace-soaked, it's hard to reject; when we show grace, it should be so truth-soaked it's hard to accept.

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