Rosaria Butterfield - The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert

Sexuality is more a symptom of our life’s condition than a cause, more a consequence than an origin.

Importantly, we don’t see God making fun of homosexuality or regarding it as a different, unusual, or exotic sin. What we see instead is God's warning: if you indulge the sins of pride, wealth, entertainment-lust, lack of mercy, and lack of discretion, you will find yourself deep in sin — and the type of sin may surprise you.

Homosexuality, like all sin, is symptomatic and not casual — that is, it tells us where our heart has been, not who we inherently are or what we are destined to become.

Sin is not a mistake.  A mistake is taking the wrong exit on the highway.  A sin is treason against a holy God.  A mistake is a logical misstep.  Sin lurks in our heart and grabs us by the throat to do our bidding.

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