Gary Johnson, Sermon at Awaken Ministry Conference

In 1906, William J. Seymour gave three prophecies regarding the latter days:
  1. There would be an over-emphasis on power, rather than on righteousness.
  2. There would be an over-emphasis on praise to a God they no longer pray to.
  3. There would be an over-emphasis on the gifts of the Spirit rather than on the Lordship of the Messiah!

Likewise, Gary Johnson brought three words for us today:
  1. Lack of prayer is a problem.
  2. Worshiping on Sunday to get fixed, but breaking on Monday when we should be fixing others.
  3. Should be breaking barriers and seeing/living the Kingdom here.

Regarding the ox cart:
  • A cart is big wheels and boards
  • God's presence does not move by big wheels and boards.

Eph 6 - The Belt of truth
  • every weapon is attached to the belt
He 13:5 - "What God has said" - The Book

Eccl 7:18 "Blessed is the man who hangs onto this without letting go of that" - The Balance

We need the belt for our tools, the book for the truth, the balance to meet the needs.

The heat separates the fake from the genuine.

If you have been hurt, wounded, cut, stung, or bitten, as soon as you can, start getting over it.

The enemy is smart. If he can wound you, he will take five others out (4 to carry the soldier, 1 to operate the radio).

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