Marcus Kelley - Miscellaneous

Pastor used to say, "Opportunity + Preparedness = Success."

Rodney Reynolds - Who Shall Declare His Generation?

Isaiah 53:1-5 -- note "He"
vs 6-8 -- note "We"
The Ethiopian eunuch had been reading this part of Isaiah.

Man tends to worship.
Native Cultures worship.

Romans 10:13-15 -- there is something special about a preacher

Gal 6:9 -- quoted often by pastor's granny

Lorretta Kelley - Misc

[In Sermon on Matt 11:28-30]
Ponder: What is the difference between Christ's yoke and our cross?

Rest: An inward holiday

God's rules are given to either protect you or provide for you. His teachings help us.

Ties of financial bondage:
- wanting more than I have
- not asking God, "Can I have this now?"

Cindy Jacobs - Possessing the Gates of the Enemy

Ed Silvoso's definition:
A stronghold is a mindset impregnated with hopelessness that causes the believer to accept as unchangeable something that he/she knows is contrary to the will of God.
Rights we have to give up in order to tear down strongholds:
  • The right to be offended.
  • The right to our time.
  • The right to do what we want with our possessions.
  • The right to self-pity.
  • The right to self-justification.
  • The right to be understood.
  • The right to criticize.

Brannon House - WorldView Weekend

[Notes from the WorldView Weekend held in Indy in March 21 2009]
Worldview determines values. Values determine conduct.

Five Specific National Consequences for Rejecting God
  1. Romans 1:21-22: They become a nation of fools.
  2. Romans 1:25: They access pagan spirituality (focus on worshipping nature and ultimately ending guilt)
  3. Romans 1:26-27: They accept homosexuality as normal
  4. Romans 1:28: They become a debased and violent nation.
  5. Romans 1:32: The nation's judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government promote, approve of, and encourage immorality and corruption.
- Anti-Fathers
- Anti-Family

Goals of Cultural Marxism:
1. Destroy Christianity
2. Create Chaos

Political Correctness = Cultural Marxism -- An attempt by the cultural elite to have you use words that deny the existence of God

Christian Response
Speak truth in love

Transcendental Meditation making inroads into church teachings as:
- Contemplative Prayer
- Centering Prayer
- Breath Prayer

C.S. Lewis's Three Stages of Worldview?
1. There is one God
2. There is no God
3. There are many gods

Five Reasons for the Rise of Pagan Spirituality
  1. The New Spirituality gives them spiritual license to justify their rebellion against the God of the Bible.
  2. The New Spirituality is a spiritual salve for their guilty conscience.
  3. The New Spirituality allows them to interpret truth as what works for them and makes them happy.
  4. The New Spirituality fits the cultural mandates of tolerance and pluralism.
  5. The New Spirituality justifies their political liberalism.

Christians should respond to Pagan Spirituality like Paul did to the Stoics (Cosmic Humanists):
- referenced the idol to the unknown God
- declared to them the one true God

Three Responses to Paul's Message
1. Laughter
2. Requests for more info.
3. Belief

One-World Spirituality is comprised of three worldviews
- Darwinian Evolution
- Hindu Pantheism
- Occultism

Its Goal:
- One Government
- One Financial System
- One Religion

"Fabian Socialism": - Socialism through evolution, not revolution

John Maynard Caines (sp?) teaches create socialism through inflation

Saul Olansky (sp?) taught Fabian Socialism. Obama taught Olansky's book 4 years. Hillary wrote her thesis on Saul Olansky.

Verses to ponder:
Gal 4:16 - I have become your enemy because I tell you the truth
II Tim 3:12 - all who live godly shall suffer persecution
Rom 8:18 - sufferings not worthy to compare to the glory

Church Plant Fundraising

via Behind the Leaf by Michael on 4/7/09

Some of the most common questions we get on this blog are in the area of fund raising.  One such question is "how much does it cost to plant a church."
My answer:  everything you've got.
If you raise $50,000 then you'll spend every bit of it.  If you have less, it can cost less.  If you raise more, it can cost more.  There's no set number.
I know of churches with amazing funding who blew through it and never made it.  And I know churches that launched on shoestring budgets that are doing well.
Just so you know, between January 1, 2006 and August 20, 2006 (our grand opening), we spent about $55,000 on everything.  That included equipment, marketing, outreach and salaries.  Our first mailout went to 5,000 homes because that's how much money we had.  If we got something on Sunday, we spent it on Monday.
I write about fundraising in my upcoming book, and I'm sure we'll hit on it in an upcoming coaching network.

BehindTheLeaf - Church Planter Leadership Style

Michael at BehindTheLeaf lists three leadership styles of church planters:
  • The Pastor-Shepherd
    This is the kind of guy that knows names, really cares for people, and is a pastor in the traditional sense of the word.

  • The Entrepreneur
    This is the get-it-done, driven, almost business like leader. He probably understands marketing and leadership well. He's got a big vision, and often has the plan to make it happen.

  • The Teacher
    This is the guy that just loves to teach. Maybe he was a youth pastor. But this person has stage presence and the ability to teach the Bible with creativity, passion, and relevance.
Michael goes on to describe the weaknesses of each type. He also states that it's possible for people to be a blend of two different leadership types, but he's never seen anyone who was a blend of all three.

Michael says that a senior pastor of one leadership type should look for a different leadership type in staff appointments.

Rick Clendenen - Notes from Quality Inn

People come to your church because they have a need.
People stay because you need them.
You have six months.
Six months to turn them from a member to a minister before they leave.

People leave a church for two reasons:
1. They are not informed.
2. They are not involved.

Three peaks in a person's life:

From age 17 to 35.
David, the Giant Killer.
Had to say, "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures," because he wouldn't lie still otherwise.

From age 35 on to debiliation.
David, the Wounded Warrior (you will get hurt -- can't avoid it)
Said, "He restoreth my soul"

From ages (50 to 60)
David, the General
Sat at the table prepared before him.

Stages in life:
20's - Adventure
30's - Analytical
40's - Assimilating
50's - Aggression

Four hurdles you must overcome every time you advance from one level to another:

1. Incomplete Relationships
Every time you move, there will be some relationships you haven't finished yet, some that sever, some that oppose your move.
You must put Jesus first, and let the others deal with it.

2. Possessions
You won't be able to take everything you have.
You must give everything you have to God. When you do so, he will supply your need.

3. Unforgiveness
You must make Jesus your Lord and judge, and get rid of any bitterness.
You know you're there when you're ready to forgive the people who God used to chisel you to make you what are are.

4. Memory
You can easily get hung up on your memories of 1, 2, and 3 -- those past relationships, possessions, or hurts.
You must forget what's behind, and make Jesus your focus.

On Jehoshaphat:
The spoils will remain for those who know how to disarm the enemy by walking in a Kingdom lifestyle.

Rick Clendenen - Notes from Dinner at Christo's - 4/4/09

Must shift from institutional to family-relational.

Larry asked:: Does relationship bring people deeper?
When a bishop stays a length of time, districts advance due to the depth of the relationships.

Larry asked: What are the biggest challenges you see?
We must have a system for turning members into ministers.
Consumers think the church is for them.
"The gospel was not created for man, but man was created for the gospel."

Indian: "Please don't pray the persecution will stop."

The gospel goes forth by the blood of the martyrs.

It doesn't require any faith to be blessed.

Elevator: we push up - more money, better house, better car.
they push down - take my house, take my car

Question: What does commitment look like?
In India, services are timed by how long it takes to get from city hall to the location (17 min, 12 min, ...)

How many would show up here if the police threatened to arrest us?

Commitment isn't seen in attendance or tithe, but willingness to die.

One church in India multiplied 7 times in 2 years.

Story of John - motorcycle wreck
- asked for mom and dad, but a friend brought 2 Pentecostal ladies who spoke in tongues over him and prophesied, "If you surrender to God, you will live, but if not, you will die."
- John surrendered. The hospital washed the blood off him and sent him home.

Recommended reading: Apostolic Revolution by David Cartiledge

God has no daughters or grandchildren.
"As many as received Him, He gave power to be sons of God."
Some of God's best sons are women.
Male/female is for procreation.  In the Kingdom, there are sons.

Christianity, if reduced to one person:
- black, not white
- female, not male
- peasant
- Nigerian

1.2 million Nigerians were filled with the Holy Ghost in one night of one meeting.

In Kenya, a 4 a.m. prayer meeting had 500 intercessors in attendance.

Regarding the Discipleship Ministries seminar...
Need to learn why people aren't coming.
Would a different day be better?

Dale Yearton asks 3 questions after every event...

What's the best that happened?
- young marrieds found help

What's the worst that happened?
- 4/5 of the district missed out

What can we do better?
- earlier marketing
- church or pastor visits?
- ask speaker for mailing/invite suggestions

Could we guarantee 12 churches to come with their leaders?
- Need to sit down with 30 pastors
- Tell what we're doing
- Ask each for commitment -- would each come and bring their leaders

What if each of the 6 pastors who came carried the message to another 5?

Question: What should a spiritual orphan do?
The last prophecy in Malachi (dads' hearts to their kids, kids' hearts to their dads)
- the fathers initiate
- the children pursue
- The curse is Fatherlessness

Bishop shows the authority
Paul defended his position (2 Cor) by showing the relationships (10,000 ?)

The spirit of Elijah is:
- Prophetic - vision, revelation
- Apostolic - authority
- Fathering - relationship

Cartledge: "We're not voting on fathers every 3 years."

Episcopos - one leader, but that leader drifted, so we then went to...
Presbertos - a group to watch the leader, but when the group went south, we went to...
Congregation - to vote on the group to watch the leader.

But that's backwards!

We need one man who leads a group who leads the congregation.

Rick Clendenen on Ruth 1:19-22 -- Seven Things to Help Shun Bitterness

Ruth 1:19-22

Seven Things to help shun bitterness

Alimelech "God is my father"
Lived in Bethlehem "house of bread"

Began to feel pressure because of the famine

#1 In the midst of trouble, don't forget who your daddy is.

Alimelech sojourned toward Moab "flesh"
Sojourn: "temporary trip"

#2 Don't let fear drive you to do things the world's way

#3 Don't let your temporary decisions cause permanent damage and death.

Chilian "Sorrowful"
Mohan "sickly"

Orpah "gazelle / stiff-necked and swift-footed"

#4 Don't expect Orpah (the stiffnecked/swift-footed) to follow you.
Wherever her head turns, she's going to go.

Ruth "beauty"
Naomi "sweet one"
Even though Naomi said call me Mara "bitter", nobody did - they still called her Naomi.

#5 Don't let the devil change your name.

Boaz "bounty"

#6 stay sweet
- refuse to be bitter, so you will be able to bring together beauty and bounty.

Obed "servant"
Naomi, long past birthing age, was able to nurse her grandson
The people didn't say Ruth had a son, but that Naomi (sweet one) had a son.

#7 Don't let bitterness dry you up - you have a future servant you need to nurse.