Brannon House - WorldView Weekend

[Notes from the WorldView Weekend held in Indy in March 21 2009]
Worldview determines values. Values determine conduct.

Five Specific National Consequences for Rejecting God
  1. Romans 1:21-22: They become a nation of fools.
  2. Romans 1:25: They access pagan spirituality (focus on worshipping nature and ultimately ending guilt)
  3. Romans 1:26-27: They accept homosexuality as normal
  4. Romans 1:28: They become a debased and violent nation.
  5. Romans 1:32: The nation's judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government promote, approve of, and encourage immorality and corruption.
- Anti-Fathers
- Anti-Family

Goals of Cultural Marxism:
1. Destroy Christianity
2. Create Chaos

Political Correctness = Cultural Marxism -- An attempt by the cultural elite to have you use words that deny the existence of God

Christian Response
Speak truth in love

Transcendental Meditation making inroads into church teachings as:
- Contemplative Prayer
- Centering Prayer
- Breath Prayer

C.S. Lewis's Three Stages of Worldview?
1. There is one God
2. There is no God
3. There are many gods

Five Reasons for the Rise of Pagan Spirituality
  1. The New Spirituality gives them spiritual license to justify their rebellion against the God of the Bible.
  2. The New Spirituality is a spiritual salve for their guilty conscience.
  3. The New Spirituality allows them to interpret truth as what works for them and makes them happy.
  4. The New Spirituality fits the cultural mandates of tolerance and pluralism.
  5. The New Spirituality justifies their political liberalism.

Christians should respond to Pagan Spirituality like Paul did to the Stoics (Cosmic Humanists):
- referenced the idol to the unknown God
- declared to them the one true God

Three Responses to Paul's Message
1. Laughter
2. Requests for more info.
3. Belief

One-World Spirituality is comprised of three worldviews
- Darwinian Evolution
- Hindu Pantheism
- Occultism

Its Goal:
- One Government
- One Financial System
- One Religion

"Fabian Socialism": - Socialism through evolution, not revolution

John Maynard Caines (sp?) teaches create socialism through inflation

Saul Olansky (sp?) taught Fabian Socialism. Obama taught Olansky's book 4 years. Hillary wrote her thesis on Saul Olansky.

Verses to ponder:
Gal 4:16 - I have become your enemy because I tell you the truth
II Tim 3:12 - all who live godly shall suffer persecution
Rom 8:18 - sufferings not worthy to compare to the glory

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