Rick Clendenen - Notes from Quality Inn

People come to your church because they have a need.
People stay because you need them.
You have six months.
Six months to turn them from a member to a minister before they leave.

People leave a church for two reasons:
1. They are not informed.
2. They are not involved.

Three peaks in a person's life:

From age 17 to 35.
David, the Giant Killer.
Had to say, "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures," because he wouldn't lie still otherwise.

From age 35 on to debiliation.
David, the Wounded Warrior (you will get hurt -- can't avoid it)
Said, "He restoreth my soul"

From ages (50 to 60)
David, the General
Sat at the table prepared before him.

Stages in life:
20's - Adventure
30's - Analytical
40's - Assimilating
50's - Aggression

Four hurdles you must overcome every time you advance from one level to another:

1. Incomplete Relationships
Every time you move, there will be some relationships you haven't finished yet, some that sever, some that oppose your move.
You must put Jesus first, and let the others deal with it.

2. Possessions
You won't be able to take everything you have.
You must give everything you have to God. When you do so, he will supply your need.

3. Unforgiveness
You must make Jesus your Lord and judge, and get rid of any bitterness.
You know you're there when you're ready to forgive the people who God used to chisel you to make you what are are.

4. Memory
You can easily get hung up on your memories of 1, 2, and 3 -- those past relationships, possessions, or hurts.
You must forget what's behind, and make Jesus your focus.

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  1. John Eldredge, in The Way of the Wild Heart, lays out 6 stages/archetypes of manhood: Boyhood, Cowboy, Warrior, Lover, King, and Sage.