Brain Dump - Strategies for Reaching the Lost

Are we reaching the lost or just the already convinced?
- How many baptized?
- What percent of growth?

Much of what we do is geared for our crowd.
- the worship
- the word
- the announcements

Much outreach is to those like us
- "You would like our church. You would fit in."

Church advertising is aimed at church people.
ToDo: Collect samples of ads - newspapers, web, signs, ...

To gain the lost...
- Must replace "come y'all" with "go ye"
  . go into highways and byways and compel them to come
  . the woman at the well said, come and see, but only after she went
  . "Launch into the deep"

- How many unsaved friends to you have?
  . Matthew parties - the newly converted still have unsaved friends.

- Must realize the lost won't respond to our ads.
  . The exception is the previously churched
    - The two groups of sinners Christians most often pray for:
      . The previously churched (aka backsliders)
      . Unsaved loved ones
  . Vince Antonucci's story of visiting a church for the first time
  . ToDo: Collect pics of buildings/clubs around town (VFW, Lions, Elks, ...)
  . The point: I've never been to the Lions club. I don't even know if they'd let me in. Do I have be have a membership? Do I have to be invited? What happens inside the Lions' club?

- The Engle Scale

- Tolerance/Grace (we are the ambassadors/custodians of grace).

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