Rick Clendenen - Notes from BFWC on 4/5/09

God puts people in your life for reasons and seasons.

Matthew 20:20-28 (the 20/20 vision of leadership)

"Go Getters to Go Givers"

J.D. Parrish - "Wounds ooze blood but scars ooze wisdom". A man entering the church foyer once called out, "Is there any wisdom in here?" J.D. Parrish responded, "There should be -- there's plenty of scars!"

  1. There is a difference between the world's way and God's way.
  2. Leadership's going to cost you something -- salvation's free, but not it's not cheap.
  3. Kingdom promotion comes through submission. Submission means moving without detail -- you don't have to have the t's crossed and i's dotted.
  4. Your level of authority equals your level of submission.
  5. Leaders must set the example of what they want in their leaders

Five Lessons Learned:

The Law of Value
Matt 10:29-31
There is a difference between value and cost/price.
America knows the cost of everything, but the value of nothing.
True worth is not your paycheck.
Value is what you leave in others.

The Law of Compensation
Matt 6:31-34
Income determined by ___?

The Law of Influence
Ps 75:6-7
Your influence is determined by how much you place the needs of others above your own.

The Law of Authenticity
I Cor 13:1-3
Must be the same in and out of church.
Must be real.

The Law of Reciprocation
Gal 6:6-10
The key to being able to effectively give is to be able to humbly receive.
What if God wanted us to give $1 million? Most of us would have to receive it first.
God wants to get us to where we are giving amounts we don't have.

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