Bob Newton - Making Room for the Presence of God

II Kings 4:9-11
- a place - secret place, hidden place
When the Holy Ghost sets up house in your life, He may rearrange the furniture...
- a bed - a place of rest
- a table - a place of fellowship
- a stool - a place of judgement
- a candlestick - represents fire

Billy Wilson - A Pentecostal Awakening in America

Mal 4:5-6, II Time 1:2,5-7

After the age of 40, it's all about the next generation anyway.

This generation... feels fatherless.

Your destiny will be determined by your reaction to your spiritual father.
Your legacy will be determined by your reaction to your spiritual son.

II Kings 4:32-35
- child: promised generation
- "my head" - today's kids are being attacked in their head
- gender confusion
- humanism

We have kids today trying to be in the harvest, but their heads are under attack.

II Kings 2 and 13
"My father, my father, the chariot of Israel and the horsemen thereof"
- It's one thing to say "my father", but another to mean it.
- Joash/Joram only smote the ground 3 times and did so half-heartedly

The devil knows if this next generation, with their ingenuity and technology, gets ahold of the Holy Ghost, he's in trouble.