Tom Branham - Communion Service

Preached during the Friday morning communion service of District Convention.  Nov 6, 2009
Matt 26:26-29

The world and the government may have their thoughts about sin, but God knows when I sin, and I know when I sin, and if I don't get that sin under the blood, I won't make it to heaven.

During Passover, people would remove all leaven from their house - sweeping, cleaning cupboards, making sure not even a speck remained.

4 cups shared during Passover:
- cup of sanctification
- cup of affliction
- cup of redemption
- cup of consolation

hallel - "hall"- consummation; "el" - God; "hallel" consummation in the presence of God

First passover
lamb eaten
- under the blood of the lamb
- leaning upon their staff
- with shoes on
- ready to go

When the Israelites left Egypt, "not one feeble person among them"
- the blood is not only for redemption, but also for healing and strength

v28 - the blood of the new testament/covenant

3 Scarlet threads used during the scapegoat ceremony
- 1 tied to the priest (or at the priest's discretion, tied to the scapegoat)
- 1 tied to the scapegoat
- 1 tied to the door of the tablernacle
  - legend was when the scapegoat died, this thread turned white
  - Isaiah 1:18 possible written after seeing this (scarlet/red turned white as snow/wool)

At Calvary
- 1 thief died and went to hell
- 1 thief died and went to heaven - his thred turned white

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