Wayman Ming - Is There Not a Covenant?

Indiana District Convention - Wednesday Evening, Nov 4, 2009
Video: here

How do I move my people from hearign to doing?
from spiritual to physical?
from preaching to life-application?
Becoming a covenant church with a covenant cause

Gen 9:11-13
Gen 17:7-8
Psalm 89:34-
Psalm 25:14

Everything we have is because of covenant

What are we?  A denomination? Organization? Movement? Fellowship?

- nom - name
- nation - people group
- de - lessens whatever follows
- don't want to be a watered-down group of people who have the same name

- Jesus did not come so that we would be organized

- group of independent and detached people who have a generic goal
- evacuation of the bowels

Fellowship - "cooperative fellowship"
- koinea - communion
- but we can (and perhaps should) cooperate with anybody

Better: "Covenant"

Three Covenants of Scripture: Blood, Marriage and Salt

Jesus shed His blood for us, but shared His blood with us
His shed blood was grace extended, but His shared blood was grace received.
His shed blood was blessing designed, but His shared blood was blessing given.

"As long as the Lord lives"
[God is in and won't be out]

for the healing of relationships
- purity of mission
- preservation of the body

blood: spiritual
marriage: sacramental
salt: superficial [?]

blood: relationship with God
marriage: relationship with family
salt: relationship with the world

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